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FAQ you asked, we answered.

What is a Fusion Countertop?

Fusion Countertops utilise a patented technology comprising many of the key benefits of nearly any countertop option currently available. Fusion consists of a custom made, flexible, premium plywood core. The core gives the initial shape to the piece being created. We then apply our patented concrete/stone mixtures atop the surface and edges of the wooden core and diamond polish to a smooth finish. Once the pieces are cured they are sealed and ready for install.

We’ve spent many years developing this product and it has proven time and time again to be absolutely revolutionary! We have installed kitchen countertops longer than 16′ without a seam! The only time a seam is needed, is if we cannot physically transfer or install the piece in it’s full state – never due to weight or durability. With Fusion, we put the stone only where you need it, saving excess weight and money!

Why should I choose a Fusion Countertop?

There are many choices when it comes to countertops for your home or business. What makes a Fusion countertop a great choice, is that you can get everything you want in a countertop without compromising… and much more! Fusion Countertops are: Cost effective, high quality stone finish, extremely customizable, hand-crafted, and eco-friendly. Fusion Countertops even offer features and design possibilities not found in any other countertop option.

Fusion Countertops are approx 5 times lighter than natural or engineered stone, more affordable, and can far exceed the size limitations per piece resulting in fewer, and often, no seams!

Will I need a seam in my Fusion Countertop

Probably not! Natural and engineered stone countertops have restrictions on how large a piece they can produce due to their weight and fragile characteristics. Large pieces are extremely fragile often resulting in breakage during transport and installation. But that’s no problem for Fusion! We create every piece for your project singularly. There’s no mapping out chunks on a single slab of stone… Fusion is designed to flow with your layout, not be pieced together. Weight is not a restriction for Fusion as it’s a 5th of the weight of natural stone! The only time a seam is needed in a Fusion countertop is if we cannot physically transport or install your countertop in a single piece. If ever a seam is needed, it’s very subtle because when we manufacture each piece of your counter (even if we know a seam is needed) we make it as one piece anyways. Once the piece is complete, it’s then diamond cut and then butted together during the install. This results in a nice, clean seam with no variance between the 2 pieces as opposed to 2 different slabs of granite being joined together.

How can I get a quote for my project?

We do online quotes 95% of the time… it’s the quickest way to get an accurate quote. Simply send us an email with as much detail as you can provide. Include the square footage or dimensions of counter space needed, your color/style of choice (stock or custom), how many sinks (and what type-undermount, overmount, etc) and your location. Drawings always help, but aren’t necessary if you don’t have them.

Where can I see Fusion products or samples?


We have our best showroom online. You can see all of our color samples and previous work – including our custom pieces. We understand that seeing the product in person might be needed. You can book a complimentary in-home consultation. We’ll come down and personally measure your space, show you our samples and discuss further design ideas.


How do I calculate the square footage I need?

A standard depth for any kitchen countertop is 25.5″. If the pieces you’re measuring are rectangular, the process is fairly simple. Simply measure the length and depth in inches and multiply the two. For example, 25.5″x80″=2040 square inches. There are 144 square inches in a square foot so simply divide the total amount of square inches by 144 for the square footage amount. So 25.5″x80″/144=14.16sqft.

When measuring different shapes, like an ‘L’ shaped piece, simply treat it like 2 rectangles to make up the total square footage for that piece. If you do have a schematic for your kitchen countertop, simply send it to us and we’ll figure it out for you!

What makes a Fusion Countertop different from the rest?

Plenty! Fusion is truly unique – we offer more features/design possibilities/and customizable options than any of our competitors at a very competitive price!

Please checkout our “Features” page – Many of Fusion’s benefits are listed there.

How much does a Fusion Countertop cost?

With Fusion Countertop’s patented technology, a premium stone surface countertop has never been more affordable. A custom made countertop utilsing our standard colors/styles – designed to fit your space starts at only $59/sqft.

Will it crack?

We design every mix we create to be as durable as possible. That being said, we know exactly what goes into our products and their limitations. Fusion has a unique characteristic that allows it be somewhat flexible, while still holding it’s rigidity. It’s this factor that allows us to make pieces larger than 16′! But of course, nothing is bullet-proof. The stone surface may develop micro-cracks for any number of reasons. These usually aren’t noticeable until moisture gets into the crack(showing a dark, hairline fracture). These should be addressed a soon as possible to prevent any permanent damage as they are not covered under our warranty.

Will it stain or scratch?

Untreated concrete and well as most natural stone countertops are easily stained and acid etched. That is why applying a quality sealer is very important. Our sealer system is one of the best sealer systems on the market – consisting of a nano-technology that penetrates the concrete/stone as well as providing a very hard and durable surface film. This coating is permanent – never needing to re-seal, wax, etc.

There is no countertop on the market that is totally scratch proof – but scratches have become a rarity with our sealer. Our sealer can withstand the standard abuse of any kitchen, and still keep the probability of scratching to a minimum. The sealer system plays such a key factor with our products which is why we only use the best.

What type of warranty comes with a Fusion Countertop?

At Fusion Countertops Inc. we take pride in offering everyone a high quality, hand-crafted product, created without compromise. All Fusion Countertops carry a lifetime structural and delamination warranty (the warranty is non-transferable). We are committed to offering everyone a premium quality countertop that you can be confident in. If the stone should ever delaminate off the core within it’s normal intended use, we will repair your countertop at no charge. (the home owner is responsible to keep any pieces so we can determine the cause of the failure).

Are Fusion Countertops heavy?

Compared to other countertops on the market like Granite, Quartz, Solid Surface, Marble, Concrete etc. Fusion Countertops are only a fraction of the weight. Through Fusions patented technology, not only do you get a stone surface countertop at a fraction of the weight, but you also get a countertop that is much stronger than other stone countertops on the market. Because it’s so light, there are very few size restrictions. As long as it will fit in the home in one piece, chances are you won’t need a seam!

Are Fusion Countertops eco-friendly?

Fusion Countertops are very eco-friendly and hand-crafted locally in Manitoba, Canada. All of our ingredients (including many recycled elements) required to make Fusion Countertops are sourced from within North America. Unlike many heavy stone countertops on the market that require being quarried in one country, then sent to another country to be polished, then finally shipped to North America where they are cut and installed (creating waste and pollution). Fusion Countertops are manufactured according to the layout of your project, and as a result of our cutting edge lightweight technology, Fusion Countertops have a very small carbon footprint.

Are Fusion Countertops hand-crafted?

Yes. Every Fusion product is hand crafted by our trained artisans. We believe that training and employing people has many advantages over automated systems that lack personal expression. Every countertop is unique and considered a “one of a kind” work of art that expresses your own personal taste.

Where are Fusion Countertops made?

All of our Fusion products are made in Manitoba, Canada.