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What is Fusion?

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What is Fusion?

Fusion is a patented blend of wood and concrete/stone… creating one of the most unique, durable, customizable and affordable stone surface countertops on the market today. Fusion’s proprietary blend of ingredients gives you a stone surface countertop that can flex without cracking, far surpassing the thickness and size restrictions of solid stone countertops, It’s rare that a Fusion countertop should ever need a seam due to weight or thickness.

Fusion is fully customizable and perfect for any setting. Not only is it perfect for the kitchen, with its exceptional stain and scratch resistance, but can be used in so many different settings. Whether you need a new vanity top for your ensuite, a table top for your boardroom or a desk for the office, Fusion can create any size, shape, profile, style or color you desire.

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Fusion Advantages

Fusion was created to bridge the vast gap between laminate and stone countertops (both in price and product). Laminate countertops are usually purchased due to their lower price point. However their downside would be; seams are very noticeable and often swell if exposed to moisture, don’t last as long as stone countertops, and tend to look “fake”.

The core of every Fusion countertop is comprised of a high quality plywood that doesn’t swell when exposed to moisture and is backed with a limited lifetime structural warranty.

The stone surface of the Fusion Countertop is where the real beauty takes place! Fusion’s patented stone surface countertops are hand-crafted, right here in Canada making each piece truly unique. The concrete/stone surface of a Fusion Countertop isn’t fake stone, it simply gives you the stone where you need it without the excessive weight! A solid stone countertop at 1.5 inches thick will give you an average of 18lbs/sqft baring down on your cabinets and floor joists. In fact, to see a Fusion Countertop next to a solid concrete/stone countertop, you wouldn’t see any difference until you lift them. Because Fusion has a wooden core, it’s a lot warmer and quieter than solid concrete or stone as well.

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Key benefits
Fusion Countertops offer a great selection of standard colors and visual textures. Through our manufacturing and sealing process we offer a durable semi-gloss or matt finish. The colors, textures, and finishes are all permanent and UV stable and should never need to be redone. We also offer plenty of customizable options… whether it be crazy colors (or multiple colors), odd shapes, different profiles or even incorporating your company logo in the pieces – it’s all possible with Fusion!

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The surface of a Fusion Countertop is extremely smooth and warm to the touch. The specially designed sealer system is stain, etch, and scratch resistant. Basic cleaning is all you need to do to maintain your beautiful Fusion Countertop.

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Fusion is one of the lightest countertops on the market. So delivery, handling and installation is much faster and less expensive. Another benefit of being lightweight, is that Fusion is easy to crate and ship. One of the unique features of Fusion is that it can flex without cracking. These characteristics yield a product that requires less seams.


The price of a Fusion Countertop is just another avenue for this product to shine! Along with all the key benefits Fusion has to offer, it starts at $59/sqft! On average, much less than the cost of most solid stone options!

Delivery/shipping may be extra depending on location and quantity ordered.

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All Fusion Countertop products are backed with a limited lifetime structural and de-lamination warranty under normal conditions and intended usage. Warranty is non-transferable.

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Fusion countertops are considered to be extremely environmentally friendly without sacrificing product quality. Fusion surfaces are manufactured without any petrochemicals or resins, making it a healthy choice for the home and office. We also incorporate many recycled ingredients within our products that include (but are not limited to) recycled plastic pop bottles, glass, iron slag, etc. making Fusion as “green” as possible. The carbon footprint for Fusion is far less than any quarried natural stone on the market today. No radon emissions to worry about.

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We offer customizable options with all of our products. These options include; dimensions, special shapes, custom colors (and color matches), visual textures, special inlays such as company logos and script, lighting etc. These options would be available upon request with a written quote to the customer. Browse our portfolio to see of the creative work we’ve already done!

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